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Delving Deeper: Mastering Privacy and Light Control! Let's take a closer look at some expert tips to help you navigate this artful blend

Thu, 5 Oct 2023

Achieving the perfect balance between privacy and light involves a subtle understanding of various factors. Here we explore the complexities in greater depth.

As far as privacy goes – you have the ultimate control.

  • Close the shutter panel and the louvres for complete privacy, good insulation and reduced noise.
  • Slightly tilt the louvres if you desire a modest glimpse outside.
  • Opening the shutters fully allows you to ‘let the light in’.
  • Any combination of the above will provide you with countless options for privacy.

An expert shutter design consultant will look at splitting the louvres or adding a mid-rail to ensure that the functionality of the shutters is perfect for your window, door or room needs. The majority of shutters will provide more than adequate light reduction on windows, however, due to the need for shutters to open and close there will be narrow light openings. Several shutters have rebates on the ‘edges’ that close some of the gaps and this can help with blocking out light but it’s important to note that no shutters are 100% block out. Some shutter manufacturers provide adjustable components like cleats and top tracks which facilitate the reduction of gaps and the install to be neater.

Whenever the topic of light control comes up, it is important to discuss the complexity of sunshine vs. shutters and the longevity of north facing, ample sunlit exposed openings.

  • Timber shutters that are painted or stained will generally fare worse than aluminium shutters - due to the living nature of the timber.
  • Aluminium shutters will only last and not deteriorate in the sun if their powder coating is of optimal quality.
  • Always look for internationally recognised accreditation for the powder coating - such as “Qualicoat” - to ensure that the finish matches the material.
  • Darker coloured shutters may fade in the sun over time but good quality shutters will fade evenly.

Expert tip: Darker colours will fade over time, however, shutters boasting top-notch powder coating will fade evenly.

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