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Care and Maintenance

Trouble-free operations

All shutters require ongoing care and maintenance for both inland and coastal installations to ensure trouble-free operations and we have complied an easy to use guide below.

Congratulations on choosing Blockhouse Shutters! We are proud to offer an up-to-10-year guarantee on our product and encourage any feedback on the product and overall service you received. Please note, as per the guarantee details, certain areas have guarantee restrictions and may require extra care and maintenance. Please have a look under the “Important Information” below to access these.

The below mentioned cleaning intervals and tips are general guidelines and if not followed may affect the longevity and guarantee of your shutters. Please ask for more detailed information if you need.

Guarantee Maintenance Guidelines

  • Equipment needed
    • 2 x white cotton soft cloths
    • Broom with soft bristles or a vacuum cleaner (for cleaning of bottom tracks ONLY)
    • Non-acetic multipurpose silicon spray

  • Weekly cleaning method
    • Remove dirt and dust from the bottom track by using a broom or vacuum cleaner. Dirt inside the track will prevent the bottom guide pin from gliding smoothly, causing the shutters to get stuck or make abnormal squeaking or scraping sounds while opening and/or closing them.
    • NO lubrication needed for the bottom track.
    • Shutters, louvre blades, frames and tracks (top and bottom) should be cleaned with a solution of warm water and non-abrasive, pH neutral detergent solution. Surfaces should be thoroughly rinsed after cleaning to remove all residues. All surfaces should be cleaned using a soft cloth or sponge or nothing harsher than a soft natural bristle brush.
    • Dry the shutters by using a non-scratch cloth.

  • Six-monthly lubrication
    • Every six months – Lubricate all the wheels inside the top track by using a non-acetic multipurpose silicone spray.
      CAUTION: Please read all product instructions and cautions as indicated.
    • NO lubrication needed for hinges.
    • NO lubrication needed for the bottom track.
    • NO lubrication needed for the lock cylinder.

  • Important information
    • Do not use solvents such as thinners, benzene, turpentine, non-recommended household/commercial/industrial cleaners, abrasive cloths and cleaning agents, brushes and/or sponges to clean your shutters as it may affect the powder coating.
    • When in doubt please ask your Blockhouse Shutters agent for assistance and/or additional information.
    • Report all product related defects to your sales consultant as soon as possible. All breakages in film must be repaired within 24 hours.

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