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Intruder & insect protection all in one solution!

Complete peace of mind

Our security shutters are renowned for being strong and beautiful, keeping unwanted visitors out of your home. Our integrated insect mesh screens now add the next dimension in shutter coverings and are a first in the shutter market – keeping out mosquitos, flies and other creepy-crawlies whilst at the same time keeping you secure.

This all in one system operates seamlessly to allow you to keep your windows open all day and all night with complete peace of mind.

This integrated system can be installed across all hinged window solutions and consists of one frame, combining both mesh panels and shutter panels in one easy installation without compromising your view.

With a choice of mesh grades – the standard mesh which is great for insects, flies, lizards and snakes, and the tuff mesh which is better suited if you have cats that may find it too irresistible to scratch.

It’s easy to love our shutters. This beautiful integrated solution adds another reason why...

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Secure Your Home

At Blockhouse Shutters we take your family’s security seriously. Discover the benefits of installing Security Shutters in your home.

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Beautifully Safe

Blockhouse Shutters are available in five standard colours, as well as custom colours to complement every home’s unique look.

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Quality Guaranteed

A tough and robust shutter system beneath a beautiful exterior fully worthy of its 'up-to-10-year guarantee’ and solid reputation.

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Our customer experience

Our customers share why Blockhouse Shutters was the obvious choice for them.

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