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Product Warranty

Quality guaranteed


  • Client” means the client to whom the Quote is addressed, including its successors-in-title;
  • the Parties” means the Supplier and the Client;
  • Product" means all goods or services recorded on the Quote;
  • the Quote” means the quote to which these T& C’s are attached;
  • "the Supplier" means the company/entity from whom you received the quotation as listed in the details section of the quote.
  • "the Manufacturer" means Blockhouse Shutters (Pty) Ltd (registration number 2015/124996/07)

All products recorded in the quote (“the Product”) are subject to the following quality and workmanship guarantee (the "Guarantee"):

  1. (“the Supplier”) warrants to you, the client recorded in the Quote to which this is annexed (“the Client”), that the Products are free from defects in the materials used and in the workmanship of the Products from the date of delivery of the Products to the Client, for a period of:

    1. 10 (ten) years only in respect of materials and components actually manufactured by “the Manufacturer” itself for the security version, 5 years for the Lite product and 2 years for the Hampton Timber product; this is for all internal installations and most external applications.
    2. 5 (five) years for materials and components of the Products that were not manufactured by “the Manufacturer”;
  2. The guarantee outlined in clause 1 above is subject to:

    1. the Product having been installed, altered and repaired only by an installer duly authorised by “the Manufacturer” who has completed the necessary training and returned the completed checklist after installation. Certification of training available on request.
    2. the Product having been at all times used for the purpose for which it was designed;
    3. the Product having been cared for and maintained strictly in accordance with the suggested care and maintenance instructions provided and can be seen on “the Manufacturer’s” website; and
    4. there having been no damage, deterioration or malfunction from any alteration, modification, improper or unreasonable use or maintenance misuse, abuse, accident, neglect, and /or fire.
    5. The guarantee excludes any and all deterioration or damage due to fair wear and tear of the Product including corrosion due to proximity to coastal conditions (detailed information available here) as well as damage due to forced entry. The product is not guaranteed to stop forced entry; it is designed as a security barrier.

Guarantee Maintenance Guidelines

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