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Lasting quality

Only the finest quality-assured aluminium is used when producing Blockhouse Shutters. Our patented design, 34mm frame, reinforced louvres and meticulous attention to manufacturing only the best, reinforces the strength of our offering.

Combine these features with our industry-leading powder coating, you are left with an incredibly tough and robust shutter system beneath a beautiful exterior - fully worthy of its 'up-to-10-year guarantee’ and solid reputation.

Our customer experiences

Full security & LITE
option available

Internal or


Short lead

friendly materials


Our shutters can be used throughout the home – from the front door to your patio.

Due to the high quality of aluminium used, Blockhouse Shutters can be used internally and externally as well as in areas of high humidity and moisture, such as bathrooms. They offer the ideal solution to light control, and privacy needs.

Friends always comment on how the shutters compliment the Victorian cottage-style feel of the house and we are already recommending Blockhouse Shutters to those closest to us.

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