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Safety precautions in and around your home

Sun, 15 Mar 2020

Security shutters certainly play their part when it comes to protecting your family and to secure your home and private belongings from intruders.

This combined with constant awareness from your side and keeping a beady eye over your home and neighbourhood will maximise your safety.

Some of these may seem obvious and petty; but let’s do everything we all can to limit the possibility of unwanted people entering our property by keeping it as secure as we possible can.

Do you know your neighbours? You’ll be very surprised how many homeowners actually don’t know the people living next door to them. Get to know them and their habits so they can look out for you and you can keep an eye out over their property for them. It is also valuable to know which properties are occupied during the day and night should you need assistance.

Motion sensors and lights. Make sure your property is well protected through infra-red sensors and spotlights that flood and light  up the exterior of your home when they are activated. Make sure your driveway and parking area is well lit.

Make your home seem occupied. By leaving the television or radio on when you are out will make intruders think twice about entering. Use timer lights inside your home to switch off and on at infrequent intervals.

Outside visibility. Bushes and trees offer great hiding areas for intruders so these should always be kept neat and tidy by regularly trimming and pruning. Also check for trees with branches hanging over your perimeter walls – cut these down.

Dogs. Probably one of the best deterrents available.

Lock doors and close windows. Every night before you go to bed make a point of ensuring all doors in the house are locked and your shutters are closed. The same applies to all windows. Do this again before you leave in the morning if you head out to drop kids or go to work. Keep security gates closed and locked when you are in your home.

Reinforce where you can. Have burglar bars or security shutters installed throughout your home.

Doors. Have security gates or security shutters in front of your doors and always ensure your front door has a peephole.

These are just a few general safety points Blockhouse Shutters would like to share with you. Please feel free to let us know if you have any other tips or ideas to keep your home secure.