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Read the questions and answers that we get asked about our shutters.

  • What makes a shutter secure?

    There is plenty of misinformation around reinforced louvres, locks and other specifics of shutters. The truth is that, in the case of shutters, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole and one weak point can have catastrophic effects on the security of ones shutters.

    That is why at Blockhouse Shutters we have focused on designing and manufacturing the strongest, most secure shutters (within financial reason).

    Some points to note:

    • Our louvres are reinforced as part of the extrusion; and
    • Our louvres are attached to the frame using an industry leading (and patented) design. There is no point in having strong louvres if they can simply pop out of the frame; and
    • Our locks are recognised as internationally very secure locks with a multi pin locking system; and
    • We have hidden fixtures and fittings which are inaccessible from the outside; and
    • The standard of our fixings into the wall/window are industrial strength; and
    • We have the longest locking pin length as an option

    So as you can see there are lots of areas that make Blockhouse Shutters super strong and therefore gives you peace of mind.

  • Why is aluminium used for shutters?

    When it comes to Aluminium security shutters, most people, on hearing the word “Aluminium”, think of a lightweight, weak, soft, bendable material – and none of these words actually conjure up thoughts of solidity and high-strength performance.

    When in fact, Aluminium is an incredibly tough and highly versatile metal and has the potential to be one of the toughest on earth.

    Where strength is paramount, most producers of high-strength and durable items like cars, trucks, building materials and even military vehicles, Aluminium is the go-too metal.

    Aluminium is already the second most used material by automakers and these protect you and your family from many hazards on the roads - as aluminium is highly effective at absorbing crash energy, protecting the occupants when an accident occurs. You’ll also find Aluminium is the number one choice for aeroplane, bus, train, truck and even ocean liner designers around the world.

    Depending on the alloy and processing techniques used, Aluminium has the capability of being forged to be equal and in some instances tougher than certain steel compounds.

    The real beauty of manufacturing our security shutters using Aluminium is that it is roughly one-third the weight of steel per-exact-size. This means our frames and louvres can be made thicker and stronger while still keeping within a reasonable, easy-to-handle weight bracket. (Imaging trying to open and close heavy metal shutters whenever you want to introduce some natural light into your home.)

    Furthermore, at Blockhouse Security Shutters, we’ll continuously choose to use Aluminium as it contains zero iron or steel which means there is little chance of it rusting and we can give it our up-to-10-year guarantee.

    Read the blog post 'Why we use aluminium for Blockhouse Security Shutters'.

  • Will shutters fit all openings?

    As our shutters are custom made and we have various options including track, hinge, folding and stacking we can generally design the shutter solution to fit most windows and doors. There are certain limitations to various options such as minimum widths, however our trusted resellers are well versed to guide you through the best solution for your shutters needs.

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  • How long do my shutters take to make?

    Blockhouse Shutters have one of the shortest lead times in the industry and this is mainly due to our single focused production line - we only do shutters. Combine with with the fact that we are a local manufacturer using local materials and therefore we don't have to wait for extended periods for imported product or materials.

    We have a 14 working day lead time on our white shutters and a 21 working day lead time on standard colours. 

    Your reseller will be able to set an install date with you soon after paying your deposit and it wont be long until you can enjoy your beautifully safe Blockhouse Shutters. 

  • How much light do shutters block?

    There is no such thing as a blockout shutter. However, due to our tight fitting frames and rebated stiles we have a very low level of light being let in. 

    We have received feedback from many a new parent wanting the darkest room possible for their newborn and they are completely happy with the low level of light that our shutters let in.

    Certain designs will let in less light than others so please remember to chat to your reseller about this.

  • How do I clean my shutters?

    By choosing our aluminium shutters you have chosen a product that requires a limited amount of maintenance on your side. Do not fear, you will not be required to spend everyday, for the rest of your life, cleaning, scrubbing and polishing your shutters. Having said that, please don’t completely ignore aluminium shutter maintenance – it must not be overlooked.

    Exterior shutters are exposed to various weather elements and different, continuously fluctuating temperatures. But that’s where aluminium comes into its own – it is the ideal material for facing the external factors (wind, sun, snow, rain, hail).

    Obviously, they need a light cleaning as per our care and maintenance guide to preserve the immaculate finish we ensure our powder-coated aluminium receives before leaving our factory. Deterioration of the coating can happen mainly as a result of grime deposition and constant exposure by contaminated moisture – which in coastal areas the air contains chlorides and in urban areas chlorides and sulphur compounds are present.

    Loose dirt simply requires a soft wipe-down with a sponge and some warm water to keep the shiny gloss of the aluminium. For more stubborn dirt your regular dishwashing liquid from your monthly shopping list will be perfect as it does not attack the exterior of the aluminium and will not expose and damage its interior.

    More information can be found on our care and maintenance page.

  • How long is the warranty on Blockhouse Shutters?

    We have a 10 year warranty on our security shutters and 5 years on our lite shutters. These are dependent on simple maintenance and various other factors such as proximity to the ocean.

    For more information, view the product warranty page.

  • Is powder coating quality important on shutters?

    We use a Qualicoat Approved powder coater who uses enviro friendly and industry leading technology.

    Powder coating has become an extremely popular dry finishing process as it allows for a high-quality, extremely durable finish. A finish we at Blockhouse Shutters demand and insist on. Nothing less will do.

    Polymer resin systems are the basis for genuine and effective powder coating. These combine curatives, levelling agents, flow modifiers and a host of other ingredients – all are heated to extremely high temperatures, melt-mixed, cooled and then pounded or ground into a silky soft powder. We then apply the powder to our aluminium components through a process called ESD (Electrostatic Spray Deposition).

    The ESD procedure requires a spray gun which generates an electrostatic charge to the powder particles. In turn, the powder particles are attracted to the aluminium. Once the powder coating application process is complete, the coated components are transported into an oven where the curing process takes place.

    Leaving the oven and once cooled, powder coating provides our aluminium security shutters with a more durable and protective cover than any liquid paint could ever offer. The finish is high-quality and extremely protective and ensures the components  are more resistant to impact, chemicals, moisture, ultraviolet light and most extreme weather conditions. This reduces the risk cracking, chipping, scratching, corroding and fading. Leaving your shutters looking beautiful for longer.

    You’d think this may be an arduous process for a seemingly simple coating task; and you’d be spot-on by thinking that – but it’s all part of what goes into the Blockhouse Security Shutters patented design, 35mm frame and reinforced louvres. Nothing but the best; even if it takes a little longer and makes our job a touch trickier.

    It’s our attention to quality which reinforces our security shutter offering, and our industry leading powder coating application process plays a monumental part in the manufacturing. This reinforces the beauty and quality of the ultimate light control and privacy shutters.

    By being a dedicated security shutter company with 18 years’ experience we are able to offer an up-to-10-year guarantee on all our products and provide them in a beautiful selection of high-quality prepared and painted coatings - White, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Bronze and Charcoal.

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