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Designed Around Your Home

Sat, 29 Feb 2020

Your home is, without doubt, the biggest investment you are likely to make. That is why making it look its absolute best is foremost on any homeowners’ mind.

It’s a pride thing – and so it should be. Most people, if not all, are extremely proud homeowners and take meticulous care of the exterior as well as the interior of their homes. It becomes an extension of your style and taste. It represents you and who you are.

Homes are designed and constructed in many different ways. Some have distinctive interior designed layouts. Others rely on modern lines. Some are simple and remain classic.

There is open plan. Lengthy corridors. Massive entrance halls. Verandahs. Patios. Entertainment areas, large and small. The tastes and unique colours for each vary and the list goes on and on.

It’s for this exact reason, we, at Blockhouse Shutters, are incredibly mindful of the fact that people have different tastes and styles in their homes.

For this reason, all our designers take specific care to ensure provision of safe and secure shutters, be it patio shutters, sliding-door shutters, window shutters, bathroom shutters… All manufactured to your exact specifications and blend into the exterior and interior of your home.

Safety, of course, is paramount, but no homeowner wants massive steel bars blocking out the views from their favourite spot at home. That’s where our tough, yet extremely elegant aluminium shutter designs come into their own. Our patented 35mm frame design will keep you and your family safe, all while keeping your home as beautiful as you intended it to be. Tough and rugged on the inside. Beautiful on the outside. Each shutter fitted perfectly to blend into your home’s features and design. Available in a range of five of the latest and most popular colours – White, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Bronze and Charcoal.