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Why we use the powder coating we use

Sun, 15 Mar 2020

Powder coating has become an extremely popular dry finishing process as it allows for a high-quality, extremely durable finish. A finish we at Blockhouse Shutters demand and insist on. Nothing less will do.

Polymer resin systems are the basis for genuine and effective powder coating. These combine curatives, levelling agents, flow modifiers and a host of other ingredients – all are heated to extremely high temperatures, melt-mixed, cooled and then pounded or ground into a silky soft powder. We then apply the powder to our aluminium components through a process called ESD (Electrostatic Spray Deposition).

The ESD procedure requires a spray gun which generates an electrostatic charge to the powder particles. In turn, the powder particles are attracted to the aluminium. Once the powder coating application process is complete, the coated components are transported into an oven where the curing process takes place.

Leaving the oven and once cooled, powder coating provides our aluminium security shutters with a more durable and protective cover than any liquid paint could ever offer. The finish is high-quality and extremely protective and ensures the components  are more resistant to impact, chemicals, moisture, ultraviolet light and most extreme weather conditions. This reduces the risk cracking, chipping, scratching, corroding and fading. Leaving your shutters looking beautiful for longer.

You’d think this may be an arduous process for a seemingly simple coating task; and you’d be spot-on by thinking that – but it’s all part of what goes into the Blockhouse Security Shutters patented design, 35mm frame and reinforced louvres. Nothing but the best; even if it takes a little longer and makes our job a touch trickier.

It’s our attention to quality which reinforces our security shutter offering, and our industry leading powder coating application process plays a monumental part in the manufacturing. This reinforces the beauty and quality of the ultimate light control and privacy shutters.

By being a dedicated security shutter company with 18 years’ experience we are able to offer an up-to-10-year guarantee on all our products and provide them in a beautiful selection of high-quality prepared and painted coatings - White, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Bronze and Charcoal.