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Keeping it local

Sun, 15 Mar 2020

Or as we at Blockhouse Shutters, born and bred in South Africa, express it as Local is Lekker! And yes it certainly is.

Local people know the local environment. We know what to expect and how to work our way around local challenges. We know what to look out for and can steer our way around any possible pitfalls.

We also believe choosing to go local is like dealing with one of your friendly neighbours. We’re people you know and can trust. Our 18 years’ experience in the shutter industry speaks volumes about our commitment and durable range of products that all carry an up-to-10-year guarantee.

Keeping it local also means keeping the country’s economy ticking over and keeping our over 60 local professional shutter installers and their employees employed.

Just as important, you’ll be supporting South Africa’s rock solid aluminium smelting industry. No expensive shipping costs are required and faulty or incorrect materials can be replaced without any timeous delays. We can get it to you within the blink of eye, because we are after all… just down the road.