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General shutter home maintenance

Fri, 13 Mar 2020

By choosing our aluminium shutters you have chosen a product that requires a limited amount of maintenance on your side.

Do not fear, you will not be required to spend everyday, for the rest of your life, cleaning, scrubbing and polishing your shutters. Having said that, please don’t completely ignore aluminium shutter maintenance – it must not be overlooked.

Exterior shutters are exposed to various weather elements and different, continuously fluctuating temperatures. But that’s where aluminium comes into its own – it is the ideal material for facing the external factors (wind, sun, snow, rain, hail).

Obviously, they need a light cleaning as per our care and maintenance guide to preserve the immaculate finish we ensure our powder-coated aluminium receives before leaving our factory. Deterioration of the coating can happen mainly as a result of grime deposition and constant exposure by contaminated moisture – which in coastal areas the air contains chlorides and in urban areas chlorides and sulphur compounds are present.

Loose dirt simply requires a soft wipe-down with a sponge and some warm water to keep the shiny gloss of the aluminium. For more stubborn dirt your regular dishwashing liquid from your monthly shopping list will be perfect as it does not attack the exterior of the aluminium and will not expose and damage its interior.

Routine upkeep on other shutters (wooden ones, for example) like sanding and painting is not necessary on aluminium shutters which reduces costs and allows you to spend more time living and enjoying your life. Proving once again, aluminium shutters are a sound purchase.