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Suburban SAFETY

Erica Hannath

Cape Town Southern Suburbs homeowner, Erica, shares her experience in finding the perfect shutters for her perfectly renovated home.

Thinking back, what product/solution were you considering?

I have had my heart set on shutters all along. I knew when I bought my new home that I would install shutters. I love the look of the shutters in a home, along with the practical aspect of shutters.

Was safety and security a factor or was it window dressing and aesthetics you were looking for?

Absolutely, both in fact. I am extremely security conscious and want to feel secure in my own home but it is also important that it looks beautiful and appealing. My home is modern yet cosy, and whilst recently renovating I was in search for security and something stunning like shutters. I would still consider putting curtains up in the bedrooms - alongside the shutters.

Have you ever been a victim of crime (in your home)?

No, thankfully not.

What challenges did you face?

I have a variety of different window openings which made the ordering process rather complicated. My windows range from small to large, all which required specialised shutters.

Describe your selection process and what criteria you were looking for?

I did quite a bit of research about different shutters available on the market. I also looked into the companies providing these installations. I gathered quotes from all the relevant suppliers and very much considered price point. I knew exactly what type of shutter (look) I was after and the end results I wanted in my home.

How did you go about searching for a solution?

Mainly via word of mouth from friends and colleagues, and speaking to the different supplies of shutters. I also did a lot of research on the Internet.

Why did you choose Blockhouse Shutters over the competition?

I felt that the look of the product was aesthetically much more attractive. Through my research I found the Blockhouse Shutter locking mechanism superior. Client/supplier interaction between myself and Blockhouse was fantastic. The Blockhouse price was also the best offered to me.

Were your satisfied with the overall service and support that you received?

Yes, I could not fault it at all.

Does your shutter enhance your way of living, if yes, in what way?

Very much so. I feel much more secure in my home, along with the shutters completing the overall look. The shutters are aesthetically pleasing. I love the idea of one key one lock. One key fits all - locking and unlocking all the shutters in my home. No more loose keys lying around and being misplaced.

Which of the five available colours did you decide on?

I chose Light Grey throughout the home.

Do you feel that shutters are multi-functional?

Completely multi-functional. I have had the shutters installed throughout my home - and in a variety of different rooms e.g. indoor outdoor shower/kitchen doors. My living room shutters open on a track system creating a much larger living space when opened up. This creates an inside/outside living area I was looking for. I have also installed shutters in the bathrooms and pleased that they are not affected by the high moisture areas.

Would you recommend Blockhouse Shutters to your family and friends?

Yes 100%.

Is there anything you would change on your shutters?

No. I love them. Zero complaints! I love the light grey shutters I chose, they fit in beautifully with my decor. I love the fact that Blockhouse offer five different colours - this gave me options. I’m also delighted with the up to 10-year guarantee.

Any other comments or feedback to take note of?

The overall service was outstanding. During the entire process - from dealing with Blockhouse Shutters head office right through to the installation agent. The service was really amazing. Impressive communication from all involved and constant updates throughout the process made it a very smooth choice of supplier. I would highly recommend Blockhouse Shutters to anyone who is looking at having shutters installed.