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Covid-19 and your Blockhouse Shutters

Our promise to you

In this time of uncertainty, we want to assist in any way we can to ensure that everyone feels Safe & Secure

As the manufacturer of a LOCALLY PRODUCED security product we have been working hard to create “low touch” tools for our resellers and tweaking our factory environment to ensure the best possible protection for all.

We wish to appeal to you to support as many local businesses as possible over this period to ensure that all South Africans come out of this global crisis without drastically being affected. All our aluminium is locally extruded and powder coated, most components produced locally, and all production of the actual shutters is local. We are proud of this and our ability to not only offer a product of amazing quality, but also to be able to offer fast lead times and support the local economy.   

We hope the following gives you some certainty and we are proud to let you know that:

  • We have a nationwide footprint of resellers that are equipped to be able to do virtual consultations right up until final measurements are needed. That means that they can do base measurements, quote and assist with designs. THEY CAN ASSIST YOU NOW.
  • Once you plan to go ahead, and depending on your local restrictions, – our resellers will require 1 person to visit and take final measurements. This involves the use of an electronic measuring device and some notes to be taken. We trust all our resellers implicitly and therefore can assure you that they will take the necessary mask and sanitizer precautions.  Some basic openings can be done without the need for this visit.
  • All our paperwork needed is electronically submitted to the factory where our remote team of designers check and create the necessary measurements for our factory.
  • Our factory staff have been with us for a long time and we have continued to support them during the closure period. We have sourced face shields and all safety equipment required as well as demarcated areas in the factory to ensure low density of staff.
  • All staff will have their temperatures taken and recorded daily and be strictly monitored by our facility manager and dedicated health & safety personal.
  • All our factory staff will have hand sanitizer that they will use continuously and once your shutters are produced, they will be cleaned and wiped down thoroughly.
  • The shutters then go through a heated oven (well over 50 degrees) to close the packaging which again adds to the sanitization.
  • Our shutters will then be transported to our resellers following the necessary guidelines.
  • Our resellers have been asked to ensure they wipe down all packages received and to allow minimal handling before coming to your home (dependent on local restrictions).
  • Blockhouse Shutter installations are generally a minimally invasive and low touch process and small openings can easily be done by two people in an hour or two. A large installation may take longer but each opening is generally done one at a time and therefore only 3 people are needed. Again – all equipment and shutters have been requested to be sanitized once installed and complete.

It is our goal and promise to ensure your shutters ideas come to fruition and we are ready and waiting to do so.

Stay well and most of all stay Beautifully Safe!