Beautifully safe

with Style

Lasting quality.

Only the finest quality-assured aluminium is used when producing Blockhouse Shutters. Our patented design, 34mm frame, reinforced louvres and meticulous attention to manufacturing only the best, reinforces the strength of our offering.

Combine these features with our industry-leading powder coating, you are left with an incredibly tough and robust shutter system beneath a beautiful exterior - fully worthy of its "up to 10 year guarantee’ and solid reputation.

Open. Close. Secure.
Interesting points about our shutters:

Affiliated member of SASA, SAIA and Cape Chamber of Commerce

Up to 10 year guarantee

Manufactured locally

Developed based on 18 years experience

Dedicated security shutter company

Qualicoat approved powder coating

Use mainly locally sourced materials

Reinforced louvres

Available in White, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Bronze & Charcoal


Light & Privacy control

Rust resistant materials


Blockhouse Security Shutters are perfect for windows, doors, sliding doors as well as room dividers. Give us a call today and we will put you in contact with one of our dedicated agents.