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Why We Use Aluminium for Blockhouse Security Shutters

Sat, 22 Feb 2020

When it comes to Aluminium security shutters, most people, on hearing the word “Aluminium”, think of a lightweight, weak, soft, bendable material – and none of these words actually conjure up thoughts of solidity and high-strength performance.

When in fact, Aluminium is an incredibly tough and highly versatile metal and has the potential to be one of the toughest on earth.

Where strength is paramount, most producers of high-strength and durable items like cars, trucks, building materials and even military vehicles, Aluminium is the go-too metal.

Aluminium is already the second most used material by automakers and these protect you and your family from many hazards on the roads – as aluminium is highly effective at absorbing crash energy, protecting the occupants when an accident occurs. You’ll also find Aluminium is the number one choice for aeroplane, bus, train, truck and even ocean liner designers around the world.

Depending on the alloy and processing techniques used, Aluminium has the capability of being forged to be equal and in some instances tougher than certain steel compounds.

The real beauty of manufacturing our security shutters using Aluminium is that it is roughly one-third the weight of steel per-exact-size. This means our frames and louvres can be made thicker and stronger while still keeping within a reasonable, easy-to-handle weight bracket. (Imaging trying to open and close heavy metal shutters whenever you want to introduce some natural light into your home.) Furthermore, at Blockhouse Security Shutters, we’ll continuously choose to use Aluminium as it contains zero iron or steel which means there is little chance of it rusting and we can give it our up-to-10-year guarantee.